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So far I am being able to upload videos weekly. I hope you enjoy these and that they are helpful.

First up is Digging Potatoes 

This shows my husband plowing out the potatoes and our gathering them. We didn’t get as many as we’d hoped, but still a good harvest, and they are SO good!

Also, here is an additional link to a video I uploaded last year on Preserving Potatoes. It shows how we prepare them for the freezer.


Cooking Pinto Beans… “What do you mean doing a video on cooking pinto beans” you might say. Well, as a new bride I didn’t know how to cook pinto beans. I just wanted to share this. Also it includes making cornbread and potato cakes (potato patties).

So – here is the video for Cooking Pinto Beans

I hope you enjoy these two videos. Please subscribe to our youtube channel, like, share, and “ring the bell” for notifications of new videos. Thank you!

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Many of my herbs came back beautifully from the winter.



As you can see, my oregano is ready to pick and dehydrate, and my thyme



well… my thyme is at hand… (boooooo) ☺

Seriously – I use a lot of herbs for cooking. I also have Rosemary, Tarragon, and Bay, but I’m having to replace my Sage this year as it did not survive the winter. Oh! And garlic! I have lots of garlic growing. I like to peel, roast, mash then dehydrate the roasted garlic. I use it in almost everything I cook! I would venture to say the majority of recipes I have start with “saute garlic, peppers and onions… lol!

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Have a great and “God-filled” day!


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