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I don’t know if this is just a Southern tradition, but in my growing up we always wore a corsage on Mother’s Day – red if your Mother was living, and white if she had passed away.

My Mother died in 2004. When Mother’s Day came around that year I could not bring myself to wear a white rose – because although Mother was no longer alive here – she was alive forever in heaven.

So, I’ve always worn a white and a red rose on Mother’s Day.

Another thing I did the year she died was to ask our pastor if I could bring the message that Mother’s Day. I knew I could handle the emotion of the day better in the pulpit than I could the pew. I spoke that day of all the “Faith Mothers” that had influenced my life. My Mother, of course, topped the list of those who taught me about Christ – but there were many other’s, too.

So today I wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all my, and your, Faith Mothers!

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The following poem just reflects our lives here on the farm. I wrote this more than 25 years ago when our older son was about 6. It speaks of our faith – but hey – that’s who we are. (If you’re like-minded click on the link to my Prayerlogue ministry blog).


Flour on the Bible


While filling up my flour bowl

a job I sometimes dread,

My older son (who always helps)

turned to me and said,

“Mama, you got flour on your Bible,

seems it’s always in the way.”

I smiled and said, “No son,

I need to read it every day.”


Since the kitchen is my “home court”

where I spend most all my time,

With my Bible and my coffee cup

every morning you will find,

That when I get them off to work and school

and before another deed,

I lean back in my rocking chair

and sip my coffee while I read.


A woman gives and gives and gives,

then has to give some more.

Not only must I meet my needs,

I need a reservoir!


So my Bible’s in the kitchen

giving strength for each new day,

and filling up

an extra cup

if needed on the way.


And if some food gets spilled along

I’ll wipe it with a breeze

So far it’s nothing major,

just watch that syrup, please!


©Betty Newman


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