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While most folks were lazing at the lake, the beach or in the mountains on this Memorial Day, I had another project. A couple of weeks ago a local grocery store had potatoes on sale – 2) 10lb bags for $5.00! Of course I grabbed that up!

Last week I picked up a double pk of chuck roast at Sams, and today I canned beef and potatoes.

Last night I chunked up the roasts and put them in the crockpot with minced garlic, dried rosemary, sea salt and crushed peppercorn medley.

This morning I picked the fat out of the meat, strained the broth and removed as much of the liquid fat as possible. Then I peeled and cubed 10 lbs of the potatoes, put everything in an 8 qt pot and let them come to a boil.


I added a little more salt and pepper for the potatoes and restrained my desire to add lots and lots of onions! (I love onions in just about everything!) These jars of meat and potatoes will be mostly used for “starter” dishes. I’ll add a variety of vegetables for whatever I’m making.

I filled large mouth quart jars


Wiped the rims with a paper towel dampened with vinegar, then pressured them for 90 minutes @ 11 lbs of pressure (the correct amount for our altitude)


After the pressure came down, I opened the canner



And let them sit a few minutes before I took them out.

20150525_200439And there you have it – 7 beautiful jars of beef and potatoes!

Check back in a few days for “Potatoes on Sale – Part Two”. I have a completely different plan for the second bag of potatoes!

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