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Earlier this week I noticed that some of my herbs needing picking.

20150518_100908 So I picked a little basil, lemon thyme, oregano and parsley (both curly and and flat leaf).

20150518_093946I washed it, then put it in the dehydrator to dry.


20150518_104933After drying off and on for a couple of days (I don’t like to leave the dehydrator on when I’m gone) they were finally dry.

20150520_113413 A lot less, huh?

But I’m pleased with the outcome.20150520_120521



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The guy I get my plants from came by this afternoon. He brought cucumbers, peppers (hot and bell), 3 kinds of tomatoes, onions, and more herbs! I m so excited. The “signs” are right to plant on Friday and guess what? My husband just happens to be off Friday! (Now if the rain will just hold off…)


Stay tuned – this could get good! (Follow our blog for “tips, tricks, and techniques” this summer.)

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