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Do you use bread crumbs for cooking? Don’t buy them – make your own! It’s quick, easy and it’s cheap.

Start with those old bread “heels” that you were going to throw away.



Dehydrate them for 4-6 hours at about 95 degrees. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you could probably do it in an oven or convection oven on the lowest possible setting – but – you really need a dehydrator for a thousand other things!

Once they have dried, put them into a plastic bag and crush. I use my rolling pin.

20150501_172905Once they are crushed as fine as you like, store them in a freezer bag or a glass jar. If you like, you can add Italian herbs or other seasonings to your crumbs. I prefer to leave them plain and add seasonings when I use them.


See! Quick, easy and more than cheap – free!



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